IQL Sports Tennis and Padel Academy - Full time Players


As you know, many academies, including us, offer the program consisting of 25 hours training per week with on and off court training. And obviously many have really good coaches all around the world.

Our main difference is that we are not searching for weekly or monthly programs, we are looking for a PROJECT were we can really create an impact on the players’ career and of course personally.

Our full-time groups are filled with maximum 2 players per coach if the level fits, and when it doesn’t fit with other players they train one to one. Our goal is to create a TEAM together with the player and the family.

u10 tennis program tennis freaks


Introducing the Tennis Freaks© Program – U10 U12. Designed for young tennis enthusiasts aged 12 and under, our program combines expert coaching with engaging activities to develop a love for the sport.

With tailored training, fun sessions, and clear progression pathways to competition, your child’s tennis journey starts here. Join us today and watch your little tennis freak thrive!

Training 3 days a week from 18.30pm to 20pm. Also we cover a number of tournaments through out the year so our Tennis Freaks© con experience their first competitive matches.

IQL Sports Tennis and Padel Academy - JUNIOR Players


This is one of our most competitive programs for players between 10 and 16 years old. Most of the players are participating in National tournaments and some of them are playing Tennis Europe.

We have daily training sessions (2,5 hours) from Monday to Friday and Saturday matches. Including on and off court training. Our ratio per coach in this program is 4 players.

For those ones who need/want more training we offer a complementary session of 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. More personalised because it’s maximum 2 players per coach.

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We know how tough tennis is and how difficult is to improve once you reach certain level, but also there’s no one more committed and decided as a senior player!

Senior and veteran tennis players are always ready for training, experimenting on the court and taking risks in order to improve. That’s the reason why we have set a senior program that seeks to meet those expectations trying to keep the training close to the reality. The program includes matches and competition.

You are always welcome to our Academy and get ready to be fully immersed in your favourite sport and along with more players with your same interest and passion.

Ask us about your personalised training program!


Every year we are gaining more and more experience in this area and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Nowadays we are collaborating with clubs, academies and groups from Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, UK, and some other countries.

Our surprise is how all this club trips transform into a big event in the club and how local and visitors cope really well together. In this programs, we take the opportunity to organise some trainings, matches and tournaments together.

There’s not a standard plan, YOU SET YOUR OWN PLAN!!! We can organise your training or we can be in charge of everything from your arrival to the airport.

We are waiting for your team to join and live the very best IQL experience!!!

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