IQLS Sports | Social Projects

Since the beginning of our sports project, the commitment of the IQL team towards people with major difficulties to practice their favorite sport has always been very present. Here are some of the social projects we are currently working on:

Blind Tennis

On the other hand in collaboration with the Sound Tennis Foundation we launched in 2012 a project to promote and develop tennis for the blind that we imported from Asia, it was almost 10 years of exhibitions, lectures and representation of the sport in Spain.

The blind tennis led us to participate in events as important as the Conde de Godó Tournament in Barcelona or the ATP 500 in Valencia, as well as participating in the World Coaches Conference in 2018, in Bulgaria, by the hand of the ITF.

Our most recent participation has been in the ITF BBVA Open Internacional de Valencia 2021.

Anyway the most important of our experience was the consolidation of our program in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Gijón reaching more than 50 players throughout Spain. This work had its sweetest point with the organization of the Blind Tennis World Championships in 2017 and 2019, the first in the history of this sport.

Currently we have several players who come weekly to our Academy to continue their training and preparation for tournaments.

Down Syndrome and Autism

We are proud to say at this moment that we have programs adapted for people with Down Syndrome and Autism who come weekly to our courts to play both tennis and paddle. It is worth mentioning our competitive drive that led us to participate in the Special Olympics organized by the Rafa Nadal Foundation in 2014.

National and International Collaboration

Our priority is to reach those children who are in love with our sport and because of their situation or that of their countries it is very complicated.At the national level it was simple because since 2015 in our Academy we have scholarships available for players with more limited resources, both at the base school level and at the competition level.

At the international level we had to wait until through one of our players in Nigeria we managed to approach those courts and children who need sports equipment.

In December 2021 we made our first shipment and every six months we will be preparing new batches thanks to the solidarity of the IQL family and all our visitors.Of course we are open to new collaborations with other destinations.

Local and regional collaboration

Finally, at the local level, we collaborate with schools and animal rehabilitation centers by donating tennis balls on a quarterly basis which, in the case of schools, are used to reduce noise pollution and facilitate the care of school equipment.

We also organize charity events and activities such as the Re-Unidas: I Jornada de la Mujer event.

One of the most eagerly awaited events of the year is also the Solidarity Exhibition. Every December we organize a solidarity exhibition with competitive players who collaborate with the club and join forces with the aim of raising funds for various social causes. In 2020 and 2021 we promote the collection of food for Caritas Benidorm.